What to expect from your session:

Sara provides a relaxed atmosphere in which to capture artistic images of your child.  She focuses mainly on images that celebrate childhood by capturing the innocence and spirit of your child.

Sara chooses natural light when possible for her sessions and likes to utilize your home as a backdrop.  Photo shoots can take place wherever you most love to be and spend time as a family....your baby's nursery, family playroom, the backyard, a park etc...  

Plan to take breaks when infants and children are involved.  Babies need breaks to nurse or feed and get some love and cuddle time from mom and dad.  Be sure to have bottles, pacifiers, favorite toy or lovey, a NEW toy, and snacks on hand.

On the day of....   

Newborn portrait sessions should take place within the first 14 days after the baby is born. Because sessions are scheduled so soon in a baby's life it is important to book your session during your pregnancy. Newborn sessions usually last about 2.5 to 3 hours allowing time for feeding, diaper changes and "mommy-time".

This time is so special, that an outfit is not required. A baby in their natural skin is the purest and simplest beauty.  If you have an outfit that you treasure, we can also dress the baby for part of the shoot.

3-6 Months: (plan this session when baby is able to do a push-up during tummy time)
At this age, even simple interactions tend to be rewarded with smiles, laughter, and endearing babble.  This is a perfect opportunity to capture those first toothless smiles!  Plan for one favorite, yet simple outfit as well as nude and/or diaper shots.   Avoid logos and busy patterns as well as black and white clothing, but don’t forget those cute knit hats!

6-9 Months: (plan this session when baby is able to sit up on their own)
Babies this age are so much fun to photograph. Their personalities are starting to form, they're starting to sit up on their own, standing, and maybe even taking those first few steps. It’s such an exciting time and a lot of fun to capture.  

12 Months: (plan this session before baby is one year old)
The 12 month session is not about a physical milestone, but rather to document baby's first birthday. It's the end of infancy and the beginning of toddlerhood!


Unlike newborn sessions, one or two changes of clothing are encouraged for milestone sessions, but should be kept simple. A special outfit of course, or even just a onesie or diaper to best show off all those cute rolls. Have a few outfits planned. We may not use them all, but it’s better to have choices. Avoid logos and busy patterns as well as black and white clothing. Don’t be afraid of bright colors, hats, tights and leggings.  Shoes are not necessary.

Other things to consider for your session at and away from home:

·     A couple of your child’s favorite toys…blocks, truck, doll, stuffed animal, blankie, bubbles, etc…
·     Your child’s favorite book.
·     A sentimental item / heirloom –something special like a baby rattle.
·     Quilt or large blanket that you would like to sit on while outside.